Asset Management

The asset management division of the company looks at investing in various high value asset groups for the short term and long term.

Startup companies and companies that have been in existence for long

As Black Key Capital we invest in entrepreneurial ventures, newly emerged and fast-growing business in need of strategic partnerships and capital. We help businesses identify, measure and manage risk across the entire enterprise, arming them with a comprehensive perspective. We work with companies to manage within and across their businesses and geographies with a focus on total enterprise value.

Mergers and Acquisitions

As investors we help small companies to grow in size and leapfrog their rivals. While it can take years or decades to double company size through organic growth this can be achieved much more rapidly through mergers or acquisition.


Our goal is to compound shareholder wealth at a high rate over the long term; therefore, capital preservation is key. Black key will focus on both established brands with proven success and new businesses with a solid franchise strategy.